Myriad Fibres™

Checking the random distribution of fibres in the paper is the tell-tale sign of an authentic substrate but this is much more difficult to see with mono colour fibres when the paper is cut down into a small tax-stamp.

The random patterning of each Myriad Fibre™ makes it much easier to compare other fibres in the same tax stamp or other tax stamps. To further facilitate the authentication we can combine UV fluorescence with colours visible under normal light.

With up to 7 different UV colours, Myriad Fibres™ are a ‘nightmare’ for any counterfeiter to try and reproduce. In the highly unlikely event that they could replicate just one fibre, they then have the colossal task of making every other fibre in a different colour pattern.

Myriad Fibres™ are a unique combination of a covert/semi-public feature with a forensic visual element.

Multi-layer security

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