Rainbow Fibres™

The small size of the fibre, combined with the variety of fluorescent colours in precise register, makes it difficult to counterfeit, yet the ‘Rainbow’ appearance of the fibres make it easy to describe and easy for the observer to determine, making this a semi-public security feature.

4C Rainbow fibres are completely invisible in normal light but under ultra-violet light, they fluoresce in four different colours along the length of the fibre. We can combine dual fluorescence, so that colours are different under long wave and short wave fluorescence.

Multi-layer security; your fibres will be unique!

Add a 2nd level with different colours under short wave U.V. light. Add a 3rd level with a machine-readable or IR absorbing feature. Or choose from any of the options below to create a truly unique fibre.

Anti Stoke   UV Fluo   Register Cut  Multi-Colour  Bi-Fluo   Micro Print

IR Visible     Machine-R   Iridescent   Photo- and Thermochromic